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Effective fitness classes involve not only the selection of suitable physical activity according to your level of training, but also the correct equipment, that is, suitable clothing for sports. In this article I want to tell you how to choose the right clothes for fitness, because of what material you will wear a tank top or leggings or other sportswear during your workout, depends not only on the convenience of performing certain exercises, but also your physical well-being. The quality and type of sports fabrics directly affects the effectiveness of the workout itself. That is why clothes for fitness should be chosen not only on the principle of “what you liked, bought (a)”, but also on the principle of practicality, and the second point should still be in first place when choosing fitness clothes. And today we will work together to find out what materials are best for choosing clothes for fitness, what you should first of all pay attention to when buying leggings, t-shirts, tops and even socks.

Leggings / shorts

When buying leggings for fitness by Nebbia or other brands, as well as a t-shirt, you need to choose stretching breathable fabrics that will not restrict your movement and at the same time will be good at wicking and purging.

Criteria for comfortable leggings or leggings:


  • DENSITY: formfitting, but not squeezing. You should be comfortable in them, all movements should be easy for you, nothing should be pressed or squeezed anywhere;
  • FABRICS: breathable and elastic. Polyester + elastane; polyester + cotton + spandex; polyester + lycra, etc.
  • LANDING: medium or high landing. During training, you perform various types of exercises, including squats, bends, jumps, etc. Tights with a low fit are not always practical, of which various parts of the body can often “fall out”, for example, the buttocks or flanks. Even if you have a normal butt and no sides, all the same, while performing some exercises, a lowered landing gives you discomfort, and you will often be distracted by the fact that nothing is left anywhere. To avoid this in advance, choose leggings with high seating.
  • SIZE: real size. Be sure to buy leggings / leggings or shorts of your CURRENT size. Fitness is not the option when you need to motivate yourself with clothes a size smaller. Yes, it is possible that this way of selfmotivation will work with jeans or a dress, but during a workout, clothes that are not “in size” can permanently discourage you. Firstly, it will be inconvenient for you to do the exercises, and because of this they will seem to you very heavy / not according to your strength; and secondly, small clothes will look awkward on you - transferred belly with a rubber band from your pants or loose sides, let's say softly, the look is not very aesthetic ...
  • COLOR: dark tones for plump, light for thin. If you want to visually reduce the volume of your hips, then choose leggings of dark tones, if you want to extend the legs, then choose leggings with vertical stripes. If you already have slim legs by nature, then you will suit light colors + drawing in the form of horizontal lines.

T-shirts / T-shirts

Surely, you have heard such a statement many times that natural fabric is best suited for sports, since synthetics do not allow the skin to breathe, but cotton fabric copes with this 100%. So, with fitness, this rule just does not work. The fact is that cotton gets wet very quickly, soaking up all the sweat, clothes make it heavy, stick to the body, make skin difficult to breathe, and it doesn’t smell very good ... Even if you use good antiperspirants, perspiration during the workout will occur (unless of course you train well and not cool under the conditioner =), which means that sweat marks on cotton clothes cannot be avoided. Of course, this is not the end of the world, as the saying goes “what is natural is not ugly,” but if you train in the gym, and not at home, this look can bring discomfort and affect the quality of the training itself, especially for the fair sex.

To avoid this, I advise you to buy T-shirts, T-shirts and tops made of good synthetic fabrics. Most often for outerwear using these types of fabrics:

  • elastane / spandex / lycra is an elastic fabric that can exceed its original shape 8 times, is breathable and resistant to sunlight;
  • polyester / polyester dries very quickly, does not wrinkle and does not lose its shape after washing;
  • measure / tactel quickly removes moisture, perfectly keeps its shape after repeated washes;
  • sapplex quick-drying fabric, very durable and elastic, allows air no worse than cotton;
  • coolmax soft, pleasant to the touch fabric, dries 2 times faster than cotton, perfectly removes moisture and evaporates it from the fabric, leaving the skin dry;
  • nylon;
  • polyamide.

All these fabrics are usually used not in pure form, but in combination with one another, for example: 1) polyamide + polyester 2) polyester + spandex; 3) polyester + elastane 4) viscose + elastane + cotton, etc.

If we talk about color, then it doesn’t matter, T-shirts and T-shirts made of synthetic breathable fabrics sweat well, leaving no wet marks on clothes, so you can choose any color you like.

But if we talk about clothes made of cotton, then color is of great importance. On light T-shirts, sweat is visible much stronger, so here, choosing clothing for fitness, it is advisable to choose dark colors, for example, dark blue or black.

Sports bra / bra

Speaking about how to choose clothes for fitness, it is impossible not to say about such a thing as women's wardrobe, like a sports bra. Many girls underestimate the importance of this thing. The fact is that during intense exercises such as running, jumping rope, plyometric exercises, etc., the chest undergoes large fluctuations, which can cause stretch marks and even chest deformation over time, especially for girls with breasts larger than the second . Therefore, buying a sports stamp for any girl who regularly does fitness is one of the must-have items.

How to choose a quality sports bodice?

There are two options for fixing the breast:

• Tops without cups - they well tighten the chest, pressing it to the chest due to the dense fabric. This option of sports bras is more suitable for girls with small breasts.

• Tops with cups - these tops well support the chest. Girls and women with big breasts should choose such tops.

Criteria for a good sports bra:

  • FABRICS: breathable. Tops are characterized by combinations of two or three, or even more different types of fabrics. For example, a top made of 1) polyester and elastane 2) polyester, polyamide and elastane 3) polyamide and elastane 4) polyester + spandex and other options would be an excellent option.
  • CLAMS: wide and soft. Straps are an important part of a sports bra. They should not crush, bump into the skin or rub. Their main task is to maintain the chest, so that during intense exercises, she was in the most relaxed state, without undue hesitation and movements. The width of the straps must be at least 2.5 cm.
  • You also need to look to the fabric under the breast, too, was made of elastic and soft materials and had a wide ribbon that will support the breast.
  • Stitches: a minimum of stitches. A good quality sports bra should contain a minimum of seams, and its reverse side should be seamless at all.


Clothing for fitness involves not only outerwear, but also a good comfortable shoes.

When choosing sneakers (this type of shoe is preferable to use in most sports), you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • FABRICS: breathable. It is best to choose sneakers, which will be on top or on the sides made of breathable fabrics (nylon, polyester, etc.). These can be synthetic inserts in the form of a grid that will allow air to flow inward, thereby ventilating the feet of your feet.
  • SOLE: shock absorbing and light. If you work out in the gym, on the street or at home, where there is a flat floor or asphalt, then the sole of your sneakers should be made of light materials, such as: filite a mixture of rubber and filo (used for intermediate soles), clean rubber and BRS 1000 (used for the production of running shoes). If you are running over rough terrain, where the road is rough, sharp stones, tree roots, then you need to choose a sole with more dense and rigid materials: rubber compound Durable Rubber Compound or DRC.

Very often branded expensive sneakers differ in the shape of the sole, for example, the heel is higher than the rest of the sole. This option is more common in the female models of running shoes. This is done in order to increase the depreciation of the sole, thereby reducing the load on the knees and improving the protection of the Achilles tendon.


The choice of socks for fitness is no less important than the choice of leggings or sports bra. In order to keep your feet dry and not smelled, you need to choose socks again, not from cotton, but from “breathing” synthetic fabrics that wipe moisture. A good example of such a fabric is coolmax. Socks made from coolmax can be worn even in warm weather, the main thing is to wear sneakers with a mesh so that the excreted moisture can evaporate outside. As you can see, everything is interconnected: "breathing" sneakers help the "breathing" socks to get rid of excess moisture, leaving your feet dry.

So let's summarize the above.

Quick guide on how to choose fitness clothing:

  • Choose clothes made from good synthetic fabrics (elastane, spandex, polyester, sapplex, coolmax and others) that take away and evaporate moisture.
  • Avoid cotton fabrics, which, unlike synthetic, on the contrary, retain moisture, making it difficult to breathe the skin.
  • Choose clothes to fit.
  • Belts for leggings and straps for sports bras should be wide and tight.
  • Always measure your clothes before you buy to make sure you are comfortable in them.
  • Choose sneakers according to your type of physical activity: for training on an uneven and hard surface suitable sneakers with a hard sole and good cushioning; sneakers made from softer and lighter materials are suitable for practicing on a flat surface.

Well, and on it I will finish the given article. I hope she will help you choose practical clothes for fitness. After all, properly selected clothing for fitness will make your workout much more pleasant and comfortable. Instead of constantly holding your chest while jogging or pulling up sliding pants during squats, you will be the most focused on your workout, which will make it more effective and enjoyable.

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